North Phyongan intensifies anti-epidemic effort in line with top emergency anti-epidemic system

North Phyongan Province is organizing and implementing all work promptly and correctly in line with the top emergency anti-epidemic situation, true to the idea and spirit of the eighth meeting and consultative meeting of the Political Bureau of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

It has tightened control to ensure that all its areas and units establish a revolutionary and militant working habit and discipline of accepting instructions and assignments of the central emergency anti-epidemic sector and implementing them to the last.

The province is conducting political motivational activities in an offensive manner by mobilizing various information and publicity means to give all residents a correct understanding of the state emergency measures and make them display high self-consciousness. Meanwhile, it is conducting economic and organizational work scrupulously as it directs primary efforts to stabilizing the people’s livelihood as soon as possible.

The emergency anti-epidemic sector is taking practical measures lest any deviations should be revealed as work and production activities are conducted in a state of tight closure according to working, production and life units.

It is also making increasingly exact demands so that blockade duty and epidemiological monitor are strengthened in line with the regional characteristics of having borders and coastline and that a system of immediately reporting abnormal phenomena is fully observed.

Public health workers and hundreds of lecturers, postgraduate and other students strictly conduct concentrated disease screening and medical check-up for all provincial population and concentrate all energies on the quarantine and treatment of persons with fever.

All employees of factories and enterprises in the province are ensuring normal production at a high level while sterilizing office rooms, production sites and equipment on a regular basis.

The builders who are engaged in the construction of Sinuiju Teachers Training College, provincial sci-tech library and provincial medical supplies factory and the reconstruction and modernization project of the Sinuiju Chemical Fibre Factory are pushing their daily production plans as they observe strictly the tight closure of units.