District works to bring epidemic under tight control  

Moranbong District, Pyongyang, is conducting the intensive medical examination of those with fever more thoroughly.

The district emergency anti-epidemic regiment has dispatched relevant officials including those from the people’s committee, judicial and procuratorial organs, working people’s organizations and university and college lecturers to clinics, dong offices and neighbourhood units to ensure no deviations would be revealed in finding out those with fever and stabilize the people’s living conditions.

“The district has enlisted doctors of polyclinics, central- and city-level health workers and lecturers and students of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences and Pyongyang College of Medical Sciences in medical examination of those with fever so as to fully grasp patients,” said an official of the people’s committee of Moranbong District.

According to him, the district correctly grasps persons measuring over 37℃ and the number of those who have contracted fever on the day to take definite treatment measures.

The district familiarizes itself with the number of those who come to work at institutions and enterprises, tightens control so that they correctly record the symptoms of fever and sequelae and ensures that institutions, enterprises and dong offices conduct medical check-up in a responsible manner without leaving out even members who stand guard at blockade posts.

It also ensures that dozens of pharmacies in the district supply residents with medicines promptly. Volunteer service units have been organized with officials of the district Party committee and the district people’s committee to supply staple and subsidiary foods and firewood to every household to provide residents with stable living conditions.

To this end, the volunteer service units informed all dong offices and neighbourhood units of their phone numbers so that they could have access to necessary materials at any time, and got familiar with the stock in the general food store, greengrocery, district fuel service station and other institutions and enterprises in order to purchase and supply the materials needed for the people’s livelihood in a responsible manner.

“We have nothing to fear thanks to the state policies despite manifold trials and difficulties,” said Kim Chol Jung living in Songbuk-dong in the district.