‘We will achieve victory by tiding over prevailing health crisis’

The state top emergency incident has occurred: a breach has been made on the emergency infectious disease prevention front that has been defended for two years and three months since February 2020 in the DPRK.

In connection with this, the eighth meeting and consultative meetings of the Political Bureau of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea were convened in succession, and strong measures were taken to tide over difficulties.

The leadership of the Party Central Committee is instilling into the people the faith and optimism in victory as it decides on revolutionary and scientific strategy and tactics for tiding over the present health crisis and steadily advancing socialist construction and leads the efforts to implement them.

The faith in sure victory and will are the best treasured sword with which to control and overcome the present health crisis.

The WPK knows no compromise or concession in the matter of protecting the people’s lives and it is the noble mission and consistent principle of the WPK to take responsible care of their destiny under any worst conditions. And it is an ideological feature peculiar to the Korean people to absolutely trust in and follow the Party.

Though the Korean people are facing big trials and difficulties due to the present unexpected situation, it is never unsurmountable difficulties. They have won victory by fighting heroically full of faith in sure victory without slightest hesitation and vacillation whenever they faced grave trials and difficulties and this is their tradition.

The single-minded unity in which all the people share the same intention and action with the Party Central Committee is a fundamental key to bringing about victory in the current anti-epidemic campaign.

The people share the crisis consciousness with the Party and state, actively sympathize with the measures taken by them and take an active part in implementing them.

All sectors, units and areas are striving to maintain tense anti-epidemic posture by establishing a correct system of work in keeping with the top emergency anti-epidemic system.

The current crisis can be managed and controlled and the state security can reliably be defended thanks to the unity of the Party, government and people, great organizational ability, a high degree of political consciousness and self-consciousness the people cultivated and consolidated in the protracted course of emergency epidemic prevention campaign and the fine trait of the DPRK which advances on the strength of unity and in which everyone helps and leads one another forward.