Farm employs effective feed supply method to produce more animals

The Unjong Stockbreeding Cooperative Farm in North Hwanghae Province has adopted a rational feed supply method in goat farming.

The farm solves the goat feed problem in a diversified way by taking into full account the amount of feed consumption per goat and corresponding weight increment, the total amount and kinds of feed needed and other elements.

It increased the area of grass fields in a short time by giving priority to the expansion of grazing land.

According to Jo Chol Song, chairman of the farm management board, it paid deep attention to reducing feed consumption unit in collaboration with related fields. As a result, it uses such agricultural by-products as beanstalk and maize plants as feed by treating them with bacteria.

During a general discussion of the farm on solving feed problem, farmers presented a plan for widely growing sweet girasole, a crop for the production of sugar.

The cultivation of sweet girasole was welcomed by many farmers, especially goat breeders, as it produces high per-hectare yield and is of good medicinal value.

The farm informed all farmers of its cultivating method in detail and encouraged them to grow it in large quantities.

This year the farm increases the number of goats over last year by producing more kids.