Rural communities busy with rice-transplanting

Rice-transplantation is in full swing in every paddy field of the DPRK.

South Hwanghae Province taking the lion’s share in agricultural production of the country is speeding up rice-transplanting, one of the most important farming operations in spring.

The provincial rural economy committee arranged a demonstration of rice-transplantation at the Sambong Cooperative Farm in Kangnyong County on May 8, which highlighted the practical issues arising in growing and transplanting rice seedlings in an efficient way as required by the Juche farming method even in the current unfavourable weather conditions.

Cooperative farms in the province buckled down to rice-transplanting one after another after raising good rice seedlings by manuring and tending seedbeds in a proper way.

Those on Jaeryong Plain are pushing ahead with rice-transplantation as scheduled, while those on Yonbaek Plain are carrying out their daily plans for rice-transplanting by giving precedence to the drawing of water into paddies and harrowing.

Cooperative farms in South Phyongan Province are also launching into rice-transplanting in the right time as they made thorough preparations for it including the growing of healthy seedlings in the face of unfavourable weather conditions and the maintenance and repair of farm machines.

Now that the country has switched over to the top emergency anti-epidemic system, the farms are allotting manpower rationally, managing the nutrition of various types of rice seedlings in a scientific and technological way and boosting the operation rate of tractors and transplanters to carpet paddy fields with seedlings.

Farms in North Hwanghae Province are also pressing ahead with rice transplanting.

They are focusing on the raising of healthy seedlings as they regard it as a major way to increase per-hectare yield. They also keep drawing of water into paddies and harrowing ahead of other processes and ensure well-knit scheduling of such operations as seedling plucking and transport so as to rapidly carry out rice-transplanting in a qualitative way.

Agricultural workers in Kaesong are also working hard to increase the proportion of work done by machines and ensure the prescribed number of bunches of rice seedlings per phyong and that of seedlings per bunch.