Military officers and men mourn for late Hyon Chol Hae

To mourn the death of Marshal of the Korean People’s Army Hyon Chol Hae, general advisor to the Ministry of National Defence of the DPRK, officers and men of military organs visited the bier of the deceased on May 20.

The callers entered the venue of the mourning ceremony with the grief over the loss of the veteran revolutionary who grew up into a competent military and political official of the Korean People’s Army in the embrace of President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, and who remained infinitely faithful to the sacred cause of the Workers' Party of Korea keeping the limpid revolutionary faith and pure conscience all his life.

A wreath in the name of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was standing in front of the bier of the deceased.

There were also wreaths in the name of the WPK Central Committee, the WPK Central Military Commission, the Standing Committee of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK and the DPRK Cabinet.

Wreaths were laid in the name of the KPA General Political Bureau, the Ministry of National Defence, the General Staff of the KPA, military schools at all levels in Pyongyang, Guard Headquarters, Ministry of State Security, Ministry of Public Security and other military organs.

Amid the playing of dirge, the condolers observed a moment’s silence in memory of the late Hyon.

They expressed deep sympathy to the bereaved family members.