Warm army-people affection fully displayed in anti-epidemic war

As the days go by in the present anti-epidemic campaign, the warm affection between the army and people, who help and care for one another, is growing stronger.

The military medics dispatched to the Rangnang branch of the Manhap Shop of the Ministry of Public Health in Jongbaek-dong No. 2 of Rangnang District and the Haebangsan branch shop of the Central District medicines management station provided needy households with food and vegetables, and one of the medics gave to a needy resident a household medical appliance he had used for himself.

Those dispatched to Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 visited over 30 families of Mansu-dong in Central District at night soon after hearing that they had difficulty purchasing medicines and supplied necessary medicines to them.

Such military medics included a female officer who provided vegetables for the households of Chukjon-dong No. 1 in Mangyongdae District and a soldier who helped a university student who was anxious to purchase necessary medicines.

Many officials and working people in the capital city have rendered positive assistance to the service personnel who have turned out in the campaign for supplying medicines and looked after their life with parental affection.

The senior official of the Ryokpho District Party Committee provided a great deal of food, subsidiary foods, vegetables and meat for meals of soldiers.

The director of the Central District publications circulation office sent a TV and others used in the office to the soldiers who were dispatched to a pharmacy of Taedongmun-dong in the district, while the Party organization of Segori-dong, Pothonggang District made sincere efforts for the lodging and boarding of similar soldiers.

Officials of Hadang-dong No. 2, Hyongjesan District, brought new quilts from their homes for the service personnel, and residents of Taedongmun-dong of Central District, Taebo-dong of Pothonggang District, Chilgol-dong No. 2 of Mangyongdae District and Jangjin-dong No. 1 of Ryokpho District prepared a variety of special foods for the soldiers.

The feeling of kinship between the people and service personnel, who break through difficulties while sharing weal and woe in the difficult situation, is becoming warmer with the passage of time.