‘We strive to hold initiative in anti-epidemic war’

Now when the state epidemic prevention system has been switched over to the top emergency anti-epidemic system, the responsibility and role of officials who are in direct charge of emergency epidemic prevention effort are very important.

Our district maintains heightened vigilance to firmly grasp the initiative in the fierce anti-epidemic war.

We are scrupulously and strongly pushing ahead with the work of preventing any source of infection by finding out persons with fever 100 percent.

We have organized medical check-up of all residents, quarantined those with fever and other abnormal symptoms and take correct treatment measures in close cooperation with public health institutions.

Since the latent period of o mutant virus lasts even a few weeks, we organize scrupulously medical examinations on a daily basis and strictly control results.

Practical measures have been taken to supply medicines to patients in time, given that pharmacies in the district switched to a 24-hour service system.

We have completely separated places of work and life and strictly make sure that people disinfect everything in offices and living rooms. Especially, we try to eliminate any rooms for the existence of virus by doubling the disinfection of keyboards, door-knobs and articles for daily life.

We also intensify hygienic information activities.

Since the epidemiological characteristics, clinical symptoms and scientific treatment methods for o mutant virus have been clarified, we are briskly conducting the work of informing all residents of hygienic information data without omission.

When the situation gets worse, officials go among the people deeper and closer, sharing sufferings with them, and warm affection overflows in villages and workplaces.

An Hyok Chol, senior staffer of the public health department of the Phyongchon District People’s Committee in Pyongyang