Chemical giants strive to boost fertilizer production

The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex and Hungnam Fertilizer Complex are running the recently expanded production lines at full capacity to raise fertilizer production to a high level.

The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex is directing primary efforts to maximizing its fertilizer production capacity while carrying on current production. Having set forth the normal production of newly installed facilities including compressors as an immediate task, the complex is arousing the technicians and workers to its fulfilment.

Recently, the complex fully solved technical problems arising in the normal operation of the newly installed carbon dioxide compressor and successfully carried out a no-load test run. Now the technicians and workers are preparing for a no-load test run of a mixed gas compressor and working to solve technical problems of improving the capacity of compressors.

It is also setting up a new cooling system necessary for normal production in hot days.

The Hungnam Fertilizer Complex is striving to raise the fertilizer production capacity to the full.

Having completed a large-scale expansion project last year, the complex is concentrating efforts on perfectly solving technical problems for the normal production of fertilizer at a high level.

Ensuring simultaneous operation of three gas generators, three centrifugal cycling compressors and oxygen plants Nos. 1 and 2 was of great importance in putting fertilizer production onto a firm growth stage. Though the simultaneous operation entailed some complicated technical problems, the complex successfully conducted simultaneous operation of several facilities which was a fundamental problem in increasing the production capacity to the maximum.

Having recently boosted the daily fertilizer production to a high level with the simultaneous operation and confirmed the technical indexes, it continues to innovate technical management of the overall processes and puts effort to securing backup facilities.

It is pushing ahead with fertilizer production while trying to install more compressors and organizing technical and equipment management of all processes meticulously.