China exposes nature of American Foundation for Promotion of Democracy

Recently, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, at a regular press conference, has asserted that the American Foundation for Promotion of Democracy is indeed the “second CIA” saying that the Chinese foreign ministry made public through its website materials fully exposing its true colours before the world.

He pointed out that the US, making democracy as a tool and a weapon for a long period of time, has promoted anti-democracy under the guise of democracy, and brought about disastrous consequences by stirring up division and confrontation and interfering into the internal affairs of other countries.

He criticized the American Foundation for Promotion of Democracy for always standing behind the “colour revolution” schemed and pushed ahead by the US historically, saying that it brought up the pro-American puppet forces after overthrowing the legitimate governments of other countries under the pretext of “promoting democracy”.

He also referred to the facts that the foundation with its dark claw being stretched to China incited “independence of Xinjiang”, “independence of Hong Kong” and “independence of Tibet” and conducted activities against China, while investing a colossal amount of fund every year and that it, in collusion with the forces seeking “independence of Taiwan”, sought division of China and undermined stability of the Taiwan Strait.

Finally, he emphasized that the foundation’s act of being absorbed in interfering into the internal affairs of other countries, however hard it may try to disguise itself, will be doomed to failure in the end.

Recently, US politicians openly interfered into the internal affairs of China again. They instigated the separatist forces of Taiwan in every way and criticized the election of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region while talking about “freedom” and “democracy”.

The American Foundation for Promotion of Democracy and other “NGOs” are just playing a leading role in realizing the US strategy on China which is to tarnish the image of China and curb its development by arousing public opinion against China in the world.

All the facts clearly prove that the “freedom” and “democracy” touted so often by the US are nothing but a political tool to be used for interfering into the internal affairs of the countries which stand for independence against imperialism and are not submissive to it with the purpose of dividing and disintegrating them.

The impudent criminal act of the US which foments division and confrontation devoting itself to interfering into the internal affairs of other countries and infringing upon their sovereignty under the cloak of “democracy” will meet a stiffer resistance from the peoples of different countries of the world who aspire after independence and justice, peace and prosperity.