Hygienic information data promptly spread across country

Hygienic information data needed for the treatment of the infectious disease are being distributed rapidly.

Newspaper Inmin Pogon edits in a concentrated manner articles reflecting common knowledge related to o mutant virus.

Different explanatory and information data have been distributed.

Explanatory data have been urgently written and distributed to call on all members of the society to ensure unity in thinking and action in the current anti-epidemic war, stably control and manage the anti-epidemic situation by assisting and cooperating with one another, launch a more intensive sterilization campaign to cope with the prevailing situation and fulfil their voluntary obligation.

Publicity is given to the data contributing to strictly observing anti-epidemic demands in residential quarters and public places and widening the people’s general knowledge of hygiene, including that related to the matter of further strengthening the anti-epidemic work in families, the one of understanding the importance of masks lest they should reveal slightest deviations in wearing them and the method of treating patients with fever in families.

Other explanatory data on Koryo therapies and folk remedies that can contribute to the emergency anti-epidemic work are being circulated.