Efforts made to take care of people’s life

As the state epidemic prevention system was switched to the top emergency anti-epidemic system, the Pyongyang Municipal People’s Committee makes efforts to take care of the life of citizens.

The committee mobilized the employees of district and county food administration companies and hundreds of food supply centres and salespersons of branch grain stores in the municipality to process a large amount of grain which was delivered by dozens of trucks and supply them to citizens on May 13.

Thus, it ensured food supply to over 10 000 households and food sale to over 20 000 households in two days.

It scrupulously organized the work to urgently transport hundreds of tons of food by 20-odd large trucks, immediately supplying districts and counties with the food and saw to it that lots of corn products from the Pyongyang Corn-processing Factory were sent to the Central District food administration company in time.

Meanwhile, the municipal people’s committee pushes ahead with the work to supply residents with fuel, vegetables, condiments and goods.

On May 13 alone, over a hundred fuel supply teams urgently organized in the municipality delivered fuel to many families and dozens of vegetable trucks urgently transported vegetables from farms in the suburbs to residential areas.

Mobile service team activities are also under way.

According to Kim Jin Hyok, senior staffer of the municipal people’s committee, its officials themselves volunteer for mobile service teams and the number of such volunteers is growing continuously.

Nearly 20 000 mobile service team members are now mobilized in delivering daily necessities to neighborhood units and the citizens are very thankful for their service, Kim said.

The citizens’ life is becoming stable thanks to the devoted efforts by officials of the municipal people’s committee who are struggling to fulfil their mission and duty as the master responsible for the people’s livelihood.