Top woman coach of Korean martial art

In the past, Ri Chol Ok (pictured), coach of the Taekwon-Do team of Jagang Province, took part in the Taekwon-Do world championships as a member of the DPRK team and demonstrated her might as a world ace, exalting the dignity and honour of the country, the home of Taekwon-Do.

She began to work as coach of the Taekwon-do team of Jagang Province in 2012.

“Ri Chol Ok has devoted her all to training excellent Taekwon-Do players. She constantly strived to improve her practical qualifications and is strict with her trainees so as to train them into top players prepared physically, technically and tactically,” said Han Hyok Bom, who plays at the team.

The level of coach is reflected in the real ability of players, he said, and added that under her guidance several players came to rank among the domestic and world Taekwon-Do stars.

With high qualifications, strict demand and inexhaustible energy, Ri trained several players in her charge into members of the national team. And during her participation as one of the coaches of the national team at the 21st Taekwon-Do world championships, she made a great contribution to its members’ achieving good results.

Last year, at the Mangyongdae Prize national martial arts championships held in celebration of the Day of the Sun (April 15, birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung), she guided Ri Su Rim in her charge to win three gold medals in women’s individual fourth dan pattern, team pattern and individual 62kg-category sparring and helped the Jagang provincial Taekwon-Do team obtain over 20 medals including eight gold medals and take the second place in total.

“It was only for a few years that I trained under the guidance of coach Ri Chol Ok. But she has led me with exact demand and warm care since she selected me. The gold medals I won are associated with her devoted efforts.” said Ri Su Rim.

Ri Chol Ok, who made a great contribution to training excellent Taekwon-Do reserve players to challenge the world level, was selected as one of the top ten coaches of the DPRK for 2021.