Leading machine builder challenges world’s best

The Ryongsong Machine Complex is working to manufacture world-class machinery and equipment.

Shortly ago, it turned out two large compressors badly needed in a chemical industry unit.

It had been recognized that only a few developed countries could make such compressors.

The complex processed materials for the crankshafts of the compressors weighing dozens of tons each in a bold way to ensure high precision and applied original ideas capable of processing their main bodies at a time to minimize the vibration of the machines.

Tests on the compressors proved successful.

The complex also succeeded in remodelling reducers for a 300 hp winch.

Its technical team was excited at the tempting project for saving nearly 10 tons of materials through the remodelling of just one reducer.

They completed designs for remodelling in a fortnight and skilled workers perfectly ensured the accuracy of parts, thus reducing the weight of the reducer to a quarter and further enhancing its efficiency.

As part of the efforts to readjust and reinforce its production processes, the complex is pushing ahead with the manufacture of a 10-ton manipulator which can handle any kinds of materials.

The project is quite demanding, but it is proceeding apace as scheduled.

The complex with a long history had manufactured an 8-metre turning lathe, which took even for developed countries two to three years to make, in a matter of five months and a 10 000-ton press which only a few countries could make in a little over a year.

Cherishing such proud tradition, the employees of the complex are eager to exalt its honour by carrying on the baton of performing miracles passed by the preceding generations.