Public-spirited deeds ease neighbours’ pains

Amid the ongoing campaign against COVID-19, the DPRK is overflowing with virtue and affections.

Ri Kum Sil, a resident of Neighbourhood Unit No. 49 in Tongsin-dong No. 2, Tongdaewon District, Pyongyang, donated a lot of medicines to the dong office asking it to use them in the treatment of sick people in the dong.

She also sent daily necessities to families of war veterans and honoured disabled soldiers living in the dong.

Electric lights were on until midnight at a house in Ansan-dong No. 1, Phyongchon District, Pyongyang, as a little daughter, the focus of attention of the whole family, was seriously ill in bed.

Since the family had recently moved into the neighbourhood unit, they were reluctant to ask neighbours for help in the midnight and were merely worrying about the sick child.

At that time, the head of the neighbourhood unit, who was making the rounds of the families in her charge to see if they had any patient, brought the family some medicines given by neighbours, followed by a household doctor from the dong clinic, who took necessary measures.

Ro Hyon Suk, worker at the anti-epizootic centre of the Thosan County Cooperative Farm Management Committee, Sin Myong Hui, a resident of Songgan county town, and many other working people donated a lot of medicines for the treatment of patients, while Pak Song Hyok, head of the stockbreeding work-team of the Janghyang Cooperative Farm in Kim Jong Suk County, Yu Un Il, worker at the Songhung County Public Service Management Station, and other working people in different parts of the country provided needy families with a large amount of materials.