Officials of WPK Central Committee, their families prepare aid materials to be sent to Haeju, Kangnyong

General Secretary Kim Jong Un sent medicines prepared by his family to the Haeju City Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea as an acute enteric epidemic broke out in the city of South Hwanghae Province and instructed officials of the Central Committee of the WPK to fulfil their bounden duties in the work to relieve the local people of the misfortune and agony as soon as possible.

In hearty response to his ardent appeal, officials of all departments of the Party Central Committee and their families unanimously turned out in the work to assist the local people.

They, with great sincerity, prepared medicines, foodstuffs and daily necessities for the treatment of the epidemic and a stable life in an effort to assist the residents of Haeju City and the Kangnyong County area like they would do their kinsfolk suffering misfortune.