Ninety-Nine Curves of Chonsang Stream

The Ninety-Nine Curves of Chonsang Stream are a natural monument situated in Sampho-ri, Yonsa County, North Hamgyong Province.

It is located in the valley through which the Chonsang Stream, a tributary of the Yonmyon River rising from Kwanmo Peak, flows.

There are high mountains like Kwanmo Peak and Mt Tojong near the stream.

The stream flows in a high place, hence the name Chonsang (from heaven), and the Ninety-Nine Curves point to a large number of rocky curves in the stream.

The stream is also called a stony river with ninety-nine curves.

The curves were formed as fissures were made on granites and beaten and worn by water.

The bottom and both sides of the curves are bedrocks.

In the rainy season, the stream runs down swiftly with roaring sound and, in the dry season, round stones, big and small, are exposed to the air in different places.

The Ninety-Nine Curves of Chonsang Stream are of great scientific significance.