Sincere efforts devoted to health care of residents

As the state emergency epidemic prevention system has been switched over to a top emergency anti-epidemic system, household doctors are very busy caring for their charges.

“Medical workers of our clinic are only thinking of protecting the safety of residents from COVID-19 lest there should be even a single casualty,” said Kim Kyong Hui, director of the Kinmaul Polyclinic in Moranbong District, Pyongyang.

Early in May household doctors had to conduct a 24-7 medical treatment campaign due to a sudden increase in the number of fever cases.

They gave priority to rapid intensive disease control and medical check-up among residents, familiarizing themselves with every fever case while inquiring about their symptoms and making relevant treatment plans.

They also conducted information activities for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 at residential quarters in their charge.

As the saying goes, “A person reveals his true worth in adversity.” In those days, the household doctors of the polyclinic were faithful to their duty laying aside their own pains.

Choe Chang Sil, one of the doctors, devoted herself entirely to treating patients regardless of her household chores, and another doctor Choe Il Gyun strived to use Koryo therapy to improve the health conditions of fever cases though he was suffering from an incurable disease.

As those patients increased rapidly, Ri Yong Ran, head of the dispensary, manufactured a variety of traditional medicines which are efficacious in lowering temperature and curing cough, inflammation and indigestion to make effective use of them for the treatment of patients.

According to Kim Kyong Hui, household doctor Pak Yong Hui donated staple and subsidiary foods and medicines she had accumulated for her own family to needy families. When other doctors were laid up with high fever in the course of treating patients, she volunteered to conduct disease control and medical check-ups and treatment for the residents in their charge.

On a nationwide scale, the situation of the pandemic spread has become stable to be controlled and improved, but the doctors are still busy with their work.

While striving to prevent reinfection among the residents who recovered from the disease, they pay special attention to the management of health of children, the elderly, those who have basic and chronic diseases, pregnant women and nursing mothers.