DPRK’s anti-epidemic effort in two months

At the end of April a fever of unknown cause broke out in the DPRK, explosively spreading and expanding all over the country with over 350 000 people contracting it in a short time.

Related units examined the results of gene arrangement analyses based on samples collected from patients with fever and concluded that it was identical with omicron mutated virus BA.2 which has rapidly spread across the world recently.

A serious health crisis occurred, which can be claimed to be the most serious disturbance ever since the founding of the DPRK.

However, the Workers’ Party of Korea called the Eighth Meeting of the Political Bureau of its Eighth Central Committee and the state emergency epidemic prevention system was switched over to the top emergency anti-epidemic system. After about 20 days the country took the initiative in the anti-epidemic war and carefully controlled the epidemic situation.

The WPK held six major Party meetings and promptly adjusted anti-epidemic guidelines according to the rapidly changing situation including the commitment of a strong contingent of medics of the Korean People’s Army to the anti-epidemic campaign. In particular, Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the WPK, inspected the state emergency epidemic prevention headquarters to turn the anti-epidemic war into an effort of the people, for the people and by the people.

The single-minded unity of the country should be acknowledged before anything else in estimating its miraculous anti-epidemic situation.

As soon as the state emergency epidemic prevention system was switched over to the top emergency anti-epidemic system and an order was issued to lock down and isolate the whole country by regions and production and living units, the Korean people, who have never doubted the WPK’s policies nor wavered in implementing them, tightly closed all their areas and units and turned out in the campaign.

It is beyond doubt that it was the result of the wise leadership of the WPK which has led them to victory without a single mistake or vicissitudes.

Admirable traits and noble deeds peculiar to the DPRK were fully exhibited and performed during the anti-epidemic campaign.

At the consultative meeting of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee on May 14, the General Secretary donated to the Party committee of the headquarters of the WPK Central Committee the medicines prepared by his family as an expression of his resolve to always throw in his lot with the people and a strong hope that peace and laughter would settle again in families all over the country and asked it to send them to needy families.

His fatherly love greatly impressed the people all over the country. Many impressive stories were told about laudable traits, kind deeds and noble virtues, giving great strength and courage to the people.

His courage and grit were the source of confidence and encouragement to the Korean people who were experiencing a nearly 20-day health crisis.

Supported by his indomitable spirit that we should and can surely win the anti-epidemic war, the WPK took a series of the most correct and efficient measures immediately in the early period of the spread of the malignant infectious disease and pushed ahead nonstop with the projects for fulfilling the people’s long-cherished desires in economic construction.

The reality of the country, in which the people are more firmly embraced and new legendary stories of love for the people are embroidered on the strength of the invincible might of the integral whole of the leader, Party and people and the army-people unity even in the hard time of anti-epidemic war, strengthens the trust of the Korean people in the WPK General Secretary, their respected leader.