Army medics strive to defend people’s lives, safety

At the consultative meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on May 15, a special order of the WPK Central Military Commission was issued to urgently commit combatants of the medical field of the Korean People’s Army to the emergency anti-epidemic front in Pyongyang in order to immediately stabilize the supply of medicines in the capital city and to reverse the overall unfavourable anti-epidemic situation.

As they received the order, the medics of KPA hardened their resolve to fulfil their mission for defending the lives and safety of the people.

They, regarding the supply of medicines as a patriotic work to protect the lives and safety of the people, devoted themselves to the transport and supply of medicines with the warm care and solicitude of the WPK and with the warm affection of the KPA whose mission is to devotedly serve the people, while protecting their safety as the human fortress and bullet-proof wall.

Since thousands of the army medics launched into the supply of medicines at hundreds of pharmacies in the city, a great deal of successes have been achieved in their supply, which is the most important in the anti-epidemic war, and in those days they devoted their all to the medical treatment of the people with warm kindred affection.