Efficient nutritive feed additive developed

The feed additive institute under the Pyongyang Poultry Production Bureau has recently developed a nutritive feed additive, which is winning popularity among poultry production units.

Kim Won Chol, director of the institute, said that the new additive was a high-concentration one that can effectively increase the egg-laying rate of hens with only a small amount.

After setting it as a research goal to ensure domestic production of most of the vitamins, amino acids and enzymes which had to be imported previously, the institute succeeded in making compound amino acids by decomposing chicken feathers, which used to go to waste as a by-product of poultry farming, by employing several microbiological methods.

According to the experience of the units which have introduced the additive into production, it is a “green additive” that increases the rate of growth of domestic animals and promotes egg-laying.