Cyclic walleye pollack farming method set up

The Komalsan Atlantic Salmon Offshore Fish Farm succeeded in collecting eggs from artificially bred walleye pollack.

“It was no easy job to do walleye pollack farming,” said the manager of the farm. “It was hard to build new breeding grounds and breeding the hatchlings of walleye pollack which is a cold-water fish was no less difficult.”

Low temperature is essentially required to breed walleye pollack.

So the farm created a condition for consuming several tons of ice everyday so as to maintain a proper temperature for the growth of fry.

While monitoring the growth processes of the fry in real time, it took rational measures for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

The farm completed scientific insemination and hatching methods after repeating experiments for dozens of times.

As a result, it raised hundreds of thousands of fry which were collected from artificially grown walleye pollack.

Now it is working to further complete the cyclic walleye pollack farming system.