China releases report on human rights abuses in the United States of America (5)

5. Creation of migrant crisis that goes against humanitarianism

While the US administration wields the “human rights stick” whenever it interferes in other countries’ internal affairs, its migrant policy which separates blood relatives is seriously infringing several human rights of migrants, including their life, dignity and freedom.

The problem of migrants and refugees is used as a tool of political strife for finding fault with and criticizing each other among political groups, and immigrant groups are detained for more than the fixed term or forced to suffer severe punishments and slave labour owing to the government’s capricious and violent law enforcement.

Those who require protection are subjected to violence by law enforcement officers.

The UN Human Rights Council in a joint statement issued on October 25 2021 criticized the US’ systematic, large-scale deportation of Haitian refugees and migrants, asserting that it runs counter to international law and that “the large-scale deportation extended the history of racial exclusion against them rife in the border areas of the US”.

American newspaper USA Today in a website article posted on November 29 2021 reported that the US administration drove off all the refugees and migrants who attempted to cross the border during the spread of the pandemic, with the result that many underage children were parted from their parents.

In the US, most of the facilities for detaining immigrants are built and run by private companies.

However, these companies resort to any means possible to lower the management cost in pursuit of maximum profits. The detention facilities built on the lowest standard are shabby and their internal conditions are terrible.

The US’ migrant policy, which is not consistent but contradictory and ignores human rights, is the main factor that causes the crisis in the border areas—this shows that the policy is affected by extreme exclusivism.