Russia puts effort into improving combat strength of military forces

Russia puts in more efforts to strengthen the combat capability of military forces.

On June 15, combined and other units in the eastern military district began a live firing drill in Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands.

Thousands of soldiers and hundreds of pieces of combat equipment were mobilized in the drill.

The eastern military district said that during the drill, soldiers would acquire action tactics for defence, attack and march and practise a method of doing modern warfare by squads.

On the same day, a patrol ship under Russia’s Pacific Fleet conducted an anti-submarine drill on the Pacific Ocean.

The patrol ship practised a method of detecting, pursuing and destroying an “enemy” submarine which threatens the security of the fleet in the operational waters.

Earlier, on June 14, guided missile cruisers of the Russian Northern Fleet and Pacific Fleet jointly formed a striking group on the Mediterranean Sea to wage an exercise to annihilate an “enemy” warship group by dint of a missile attack.