Strenuous efforts should continuously be invested in farming

The Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea put forward farming as the most urgent one of economic tasks for this year.

In view of the importance of agricultural production in solving the problem of food for the people, the Party and state always give top priority to farming and intensify state investment in and assistance for it.

The Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the WPK raised the immediate tasks for the correct solution of the socialist rural question in the country as one agenda item and clarified the directions and ways to open up a new era of Korean-style socialist rural development.

Now a vigorous struggle is under way in rural areas across the country to increase agricultural production.

True to the will of the Party Central Committee to change the country’s grain production structure into a rice- and wheat-oriented one and powerfully propel it, farmers across the country are striving to finish the harvesting of wheat and barley planted much more than before in good season and do rice farming properly according to farming processes.

The Agricultural Commission is intensifying guidance over farming with emphasis put on making agricultural guidance organs of provinces, cities and counties invent and apply effective management methods.

Accepting it as a fait accompli that disastrous abnormal climate will affect the country, it continues to speed up the endeavour to minimize relevant damage and increase grain production by one ton per hectare on all fields.

In close contact with the State Hydro-Meteorological Administration and the Academy of Agricultural Science, the commission sends necessary data to each provincial agricultural guidance organ in advance.

Meanwhile, in an effort to improve the work to diffuse agricultural science and technology, it makes multimedia that deal with nationwide experience in reaping rich harvests and spreads them according to different farming processes and intensifies measures to raise the informatization level of agricultural production, including forecast of crop growth and online question and answer service for spreading farming techniques.

Though faced with manifold challenges including drought, unfavourable differences in temperature and spread of the malignant epidemic, we have no right to shrink back from or give up agricultural production.

Choe Song Jin, deputy department director of the Agricultural Commission