University gives impetus to online education

Many universities in Pyongyang are making positive efforts to promote online education.

A typical example is Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry.

Its online education faculty offers scientific and technological exchanges and lectures to officials and working people in the light industry sector to teach them advanced sci-tech knowledge and inform them of sci-tech successes achieved in several factories and enterprises so that they can generalize them.

Those, who are enrolled at the online courses, acquire common sense and new technologies for sci-tech problems arising in their practice.

What is noticeable in the faculty education is a sci-tech workshop given every Friday. It is very efficient as it closely combines education with scientific research and production practice.

Industrial establishments bring together essential sci-tech problems and other problems which are helpful for those who attend online courses and send them to the university. Then, the online faculty forms a group embracing competent teachers and researchers to answer their questions and inform them of cutting-edge scientific and technological data and some successes and experience gained in production sites.

The workshop wins popularity among students and arouses social interest as it helps them make an innovation and come up with new ideas through a brisk Q&A session and technical exchanges between lecturers and students and learning new technologies.

While improving qualities and abilities of lecturers and researchers, the faculty puts steady efforts into making teaching contents highly practical, comprehensive and modernized. It also tries to upgrade educational environment and teaching plans as required by the developing reality. It is the intention of lecturers and researchers to contribute to attaining a high goal of making all the people well-versed in science and technology by training working people into intelligent workers.

The online education adds more brilliance to the advantages of the study-while-you-work system since it helps everyone acquire profound knowledge even in production sites by involving ordinary working people.