Emergency measures taken to protect people’s lives, health from natural disasters

Emergency measures are being taken throughout the DPRK to protect the people’s lives and health from natural disasters.

While promptly coping with the outbreak of disasters under the unified command of the State Committee for Emergency and Disaster Management, all sectors and areas ensure promptness in surveying and controlling the situation in their relevant regions and pay special attention to stabilizing the people’s living and promoting their health.

After setting up well-knit monitoring, information and evacuation and emergency mobilization systems, they prepare evacuation places to cope with flood and get fully ready for providing the best possible living conditions.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector is making exact demands to fully prevent the outbreak of enteric infectious diseases by strictly sterilizing shelters as required by the top emergency anti-epidemic system.

Over 40 mobile treatment teams belonging to provincial people’s hospitals, children’s hospitals and maternity hospitals, hundreds of emergency medical teams in cities and counties and emergency medical teams of thousands of smallest preventive and curative units take steps to remain fully alert and supply medical facilities, apparatuses and medicines in time so that they can deploy mobile treatment posts in evacuation places and start medical treatment.

While providing sufficient amounts of different disinfectants needed for the sterilization of afflicted areas, in particular, they are propelling the work of thoroughly blocking the space of the spread of the malignant virus by increasing the mobility of anti-epidemic and public health workers, hygienic activists, rapidly mobile anti-epidemic vehicles and ambulances.