Balanced national development and role of city, county Party committees

There may be differences in physiographic and economic conditions between regions, but there must not be differences in political consciousness and the level of living and cultural standard of the people.

It is the intention of the Workers’ Party of Korea to solve it by enhancing the role of the city and county Party committees and promote the comprehensive development of socialism by developing all regions of the country in a balanced way and simultaneously.

In the DPRK, cities and counties constitute not only the bases for the development of rural management and local economy, but also political hubs and centres of general cultural development. The improvement of the people’s living standards is also carried out with them as a unit.

Therefore, the development of cities and counties leads to national progress and their build-up boils down to the increase of national power.

The ultimate goal of the WPK’s strengthening of cities and counties is to turn all cities and counties into strategic positions of a civilized and prosperous socialist state and developed regions with their own peculiarities.

Radical improvement in the work of city and county Party committees—this is the fundamental guarantee for promoting balanced and simultaneous national development and strong traction power.

There can never be a ready-made solution to developing cities and counties with different physiographical and economic conditions and actual situations.

Mountainous areas have to make the most of the mountains and coastal areas should take advantage of the sea. And those in the flat and industrial areas need to select their own mode of development.

Experiences of the cities and counties that are successful in the development of local industry show that the establishment of correct goals and careful planning by the Party committees are the starting point for regional development.

Enlisting the spiritual strength of the masses of the people is the key point and basic way to develop cities and counties independently and in a diversified way.

Socialist paradise where everyone enjoys an affluent and cultured life does not come of its own accord, nor is it granted by others. It should be created by the efforts of the locals, its masters, themselves. Only when the masses of the people have a clear understanding of it and give full play to their spiritual strength, can they perform a miracle.

Talents and science and technology are the major resources and weapon the city and county Party committees should adhere to in promoting regional development.

As the revolution advances and the times develop, the position and role of cities and counties are further highlighted and the responsibility of the city and county Party committees that have to lead local development in the van grows heavier.

By upholding the WPK’s line, all city and county Party committees should work hard to transform their own regions into a socialist paradise and dynamically promote balanced and simultaneous national development.

O Hyok Chol, section chief of the Academy of Social Sciences