Men’s premier league starts amid growing interest

The men’s first-division soccer tournament, which started on September 20 as part of the National Championships, goes on at Pyongyang’s May Day Stadium.

Twelve teams have been brought together to compete on a round-robin basis.

Front-runners are the April 25, Hwaeppul, Kigwancha and Ministry of Light Industry teams.

The April 25, winner of the previous Hwaeppul Cup competition, routed the Ponghwasan in the first game by dint of its higher physical and technical ability.

The game between the Rimyongsu and the Ministry of Light Industry was the focus of attention.

Both teams, which have been drawing an increasing number of fans this year, lived up to their expectation by unfolding thrilling scenes.

The Rimyongsu took the lead from the beginning with fast passes and positive offensive activities.

The Ministry of Light Industry reacted by changing the offensive direction at times and attempting to break through the backline with two-to-three combination, counterattack and through-pass.

The Rimyongsu edged out the Ministry of Light Industry 4-3.

The Hwaeppul, which remained unspectacular in the previous events, is coming back into the match. It employed attacking tactics throughout the game against the Kigwancha to seal a 2-0 win. It proved itself also against the dominant April 25 by drawing 1-1.

In addition, the Kigwancha, Amnokgang and Sonbong acquitted themselves well, making an impression on the spectators.

By Jong Sun Bok PT