Hwaeppul Cup soccer tournament goes on


Two players fight for the ball in a match between the Jebi and Sonbong teams.


    The Hwaeppul Cup men’s first-division soccer tournament is going on in Pyongyang amid the expectation and interest of soccer experts and fans across the country.

With league matches divided into two groups, the February 8 clashed with the Ryongaksan at the Sosan Football Stadium on August 17. Both teams belong to Group B.

The game was fierce from the start.

The Ryongaksan threatened the opponent’s goal by dint of the attack through the two-person combination and sudden through-pass until it received a free kick near the box.

No. 10 player who has a knack for free kick fired a volley to open the score.

The Ryongaksan went more offensive.

The February 8 tried to hold the midfield firm to cut the offensive and attempted at sudden counteroffensive in line with its tactics.

With fights for the ball in the midfield getting noticeable, a long cross was passed to No. 7 forward of the February 8 in the penalty area, who weaved his way past a defender and the goalie to score an equalizer.

There was no more goal in the first half.

Throughout the second half the February 8 maintained tight defence to neutralize the opponent’s attacks and sought a chance of sudden counteroffensive.

Fifteen minutes from time the February 8 seized the ball in the midfield which was also passed to No. 7 in the penalty area, finishing up in the net.

After extra time the game ended 2-1 in favour of the February 8.

By Han Ryo Gyong PT