Premier league at its height


A scene from men’s football match between the Kalmaegi and Pyongyang.


    The first-division football tournament of the Paektusan Prize Games is now at its height.

In the competition which is going on at the Sosan Football Stadium all teams have played five to six matches out of seven.

The April 25 still leads others retaining its position as a power. The club scored two or three goals in almost every match, allowing no loss. Good physical and technical preparedness plus close teamwork are the characteristics of this club.

It is followed by the Hwaeppul and February 8 with narrow margin.

The Hwaeppul was the winner of the Osandok Prize Games first-division football tournament a few months ago. The club’s score is now good with four wins and one loss. Last year it was relatively higher in ball possession with 60 percent but low in goal average, which showed each player of the club is strong in physical fitness and technical preparedness but relatively weak in cooperation and scoring skills. But this season’s matches show that it tries to overcome these shortcomings. It is fully explained by the fact that the attack-oriented team has scored 11 goals by a well-knit attack and another goal by a long-distance shot, 12 in all.

For this reason, many experts and fans refer to it as a hopeful.

The Wolmido and Rimyongsu clubs had a match on March 13.

The latter held the initiative from the beginning and threatened the rival in the goal area. In the 11th minute Rimyongsu’s No. 7 took a long-distance pass from the midfield, dribbled it into the goal area and sneaked it into the empty goal after deceiving the keeper. The Rimyongsu scored three more goals by long-distance shot, corner kick and header to defeat the Wolmido 4-0.

The tournament continues till March 25.

By Jong Tang Song PT