National Championships close

The National Championships which opened on October 2 came to a close on October 31.

With national records renewed in different events, April 25, Kigwancha, and the Korean People’s Army and Amnokgang defence sports clubs were successful in weightlifting, swimming, archery and shooting.

April 25 won both the men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball events.

In the basketball event, Amnokgang’s male and Sobaeksu’s female players finished runners-up, followed by Kigwancha’s male and Amnokgang’s female players. Sobaeksu and Pyongyang were placed second in the men’s and women’s volleyball events, while Amnokgang’s male and female players came third.

Medals were awarded to those who reset national records.

Trophies and medals were also conferred on excellent units and players.

By Yang Ryon Hui PT