National Championships top annual sporting calendar off with new records

The National Championships which opened on October 2 took place at stadiums and gyms in Pyongyang, Phyongsong, Sariwon and elsewhere till October 31.

They included over 470 events in 37 sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, judo and track and field.

All coaches and players who took part in the championships demonstrated high levels of techniques, fair play and fine sportsmanship.

April 25 bagged gold medals in dozens of sports including football, volleyball and basketball.

The volleyball matches which took place at Volleyball Gymnasium on Pyongyang’s Chongchun Street between October 3 and 16 greatly impressed the spectators.

Both male and female players of April 25 employed a variety of tactics such as spiking, block and others to hold the initiative throughout the matches, thus overpowering all opponents.

Pyongyang’s female players finished runner-up.

Handball games at Handball Gymnasium on Chongchun Street attracted particular attention of the experts and fans.

The men’s final between Ryongnamsan and Kim Chaek University of Technology was fierce from the beginning.

The latter played the game on the basis of fast single break of No. 7 with high dribbling skills.

Ryongnamsan held the initiative with active attacks in the forward and at both sides while strengthening man-to-man defence to win the match.

April 25 won and Amnokgang finished runner-up in the women’s handball match.

Newcomers stole the show at the table tennis event.

Pyon Song Gyong from Kigwancha and Ham Yu Song from Hwaeppul, who made their debuts in the event, snatched gold medals in the women’s and men’s singles respectively.

Male and female players of April 25, Kigwancha, and the Korean People’s Army and Amnokgang defence sports clubs set new national records in weightlifting, swimming, archery and shooting.

The championships ended with a closing ceremony at Basketball Gymnasium on Chongchun Street on October 31.

Trophies and medals were awarded to the winning teams and players.


By Ri Sung Ik PT