Coach grooms famous woman footballers

 Kim Kyong Hui (second from left in the front row) explains tactics to the players.


Competent coaches are always behind successful athletes.

Kim Kyong Hui, head coach of the women’s football team at the Amnokgang Sports Club, is a veteran coach with a ten-odd-year career.

When she was a player, she received the title of sport ace. As a coach, she has steered her team to the crown on domestic front.

The team has acquitted itself well at the Mangyongdae and Pochonbo Torch Prize games and National Championships.

Time and efforts are generally needed to fill the vacancy of those who retire for age and injury. However, filling the vacancy of veteran players requires more time and redoubled efforts.

In that context Kim once lost heart and thought of retirement as a coach.

But she said she was inspired by her players who make painstaking efforts on the pitch all the year round, adding she had to live up to the favour shown by the country which put her forward as the head coach.

She exerted herself, and trained many famous players. Among them are Labour Hero and People’s Athlete Ra Un Sim and, merited athletes Ri Ye Gyong and Ri Hyang Sim. Some of her players are now active in the national team.

“I feel proud when I think that my endeavour is also permeated in their glory,” she said.


By Ri Sung Ik PT