True colours of ‘kingdom of human rights violation’

December 2, 2022

Recently in the US, a video was posted in which a white female student committed outrage at black female students uttering racist curses in the University of Kentucky, sparking public criticism. It shocked the world once again as it brought to light the horrible human rights situation of the US which professes itself to be an “exemplary state of human rights”.

Racial discrimination is an incurable malignant tumour of American society.

In American society, individualism serves as mental mainstay of the country and as the only mode of existence. So it is just natural that extreme human hatred, money-is-almighty principle and deformed and decadent lifestyle are prevalent and all sorts of inhumane crimes like murder, robbery, rape and prostitution are rampant there.

Most recently alone, sexual assaults brazenly took place in broad daylight even at Stanford University which is known to be a prestigious one and a bare-handed 15-year-old black boy was shot dead by a policeman in Mississippi under the pretext of “execution of the duties”. Moreover, a horrifying incident occurred in Chicago, where a 5-month-old baby died after being hit in the head by a bullet fired from a passing vehicle.

Crimes of human rights violations such as political violence and blackmailing, racial discrimination and persecution, and indecent assaults and gun-related cases are becoming ever more serious in the US. Thus Americans are in mortal fear lest they should be killed at any time.

Even the US’ “Declaration of Independence” which pledged to pursue right to life and happiness cannot stop the human rights violations rampant in American society.

It is quite absurd for such a country to pose as a “human rights defender”, a “human rights sympathizer” of the world who speaks for so-called “justice” and “truth”, and to viciously slander the anti-imperialist and independent countries by releasing so-called “country reports on human rights”.

The US, the kingdom of crimes and the world’s biggest obliterator of human rights, has no right to talk about human rights.

There is a saying that it’s easier to see the faults of others than to detect one’s own. The US would be well-advised to worry about its own dismal human rights situation first.


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