Young lives fade away

March 28, 2023

Teens are the start of life as well as the period of dreams and hope.

But in capitalist countries the human rights situation of young people is getting worse, arousing great concern from the international society.

Kyodo recently reported that the number of suicide cases among students at Japanese schools at different levels reached 512 last year, an all-time high, and especially the number of high school students among them recorded a notable increase to 352 cases.

Young people, who are supposed to follow their dreams for learning, commit suicide to escape from the sufferings of their lives. Such a reality is an excruciating pain for everyone.

Meanwhile, a British non-governmental organization released a report and expressed deep concern, saying that one in four children in the EU member states are exposed to the risk of poverty.

The western politicians and mouthpieces responded by attributing the increased cases of young suicides to the victims’ mental and psychological problems such as pessimism, despair and melancholia, and the child poverty to the external factors such as price hike, climate crisis and the spread of epidemics.

This is pure humbug to disguise the reactionary and anti-popular nature of capitalist society as well as a mockery of and an insult to those young unfortunates.

In capitalist society, a handful of rich men possess great wealth and seek only luxury and pleasure, while most of working people and their children are suffering from unemployment and hunger.

Moreover, the ubiquitous spread of money-almighty values and decadent way of life in capitalist society is cramming young people into the cesspit of immorality and depravity.

The number of teenagers arrested for criminal offence in Japan reportedly amounted to 14 887 and among them dreadful crimes, i.e. murder and robbery, increased by 20.7 percent.

A western politician lamented that all the disgraceful terms such as high tuition, low-wage labour market and dwelling crisis are associated not with socialism but with capitalism, which is the true identity of capitalist society that bourgeois advocators claim as a “free and democratic society” and a “well-to-do society”.

It is clear where capitalist society which takes no notice of the younger generation, the very future of mankind, is heading for.

The image of youngsters, already degraded into that of the “closing days of life” in their hell of a world, foretells the gloomy prospects of capitalist society.


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