Poor children forsaken by US government

May 18, 2023

Recently, The New York Times carried an article to the effect that over 250 000 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) entered the US in the last two years and thousands of them are being subjected to harsh labour in all parts of the country. The article continued as follows:

The UACs toil away, repairing roofs around the clock at slaughterhouses and running machines at factories, which are all against the Child Labour Laws.

In last February after the issuance of related laws, the White House announced that it would punish companies that employ children.

However, this has failed to stop the child labour which is increasing explosively. The Biden administration is either ignoring or overlooking this situation.

Old-timers of the government and outsiders concerned are reporting to the Department of Health and Human Service and its head on the endangerment of the UACs.

The Department of Labour made public news reports on the increase of child labour, and senior aides of the White House are also reported on the evidence of the exploitation of child labour.

They include those showing that numerous UACs handled industrial equipment or hazardous chemicals.

Children, getting little aid from the government, still continue to be sent to the employers who put them to toilsome and dangerous work.

However, the administration officials concerned do not feel due responsibility for not providing any protection for the UACs.


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