Law of existence in Japanese society

November 18, 2023

Unethical crimes happen endlessly in Japan. 

Cold-blooded murders are committed one after another among relatives and between husbands and wives in Japan where extreme misanthropy is prevalent. 

A man killed his wife in Iwate Prefecture on November 3. Earlier on November 1, a woman in her thirties was arrested for killing her daughter in Okayama Prefecture. She confessed that she killed her newborn baby as she could not afford to bring her up by herself.

In Gifu Prefecture it was exposed that a man in his 50s left the dead body of his mother in the house.

The moral values in Japanese society, where everyone only pursues their own interests and greed, even destroy the ethics of family in which a group of close blood relations live. 

A man poured hot liquid on his some-month-old daughter to kill her for a little sum of insurance money and the other man killed his parents and left their dead bodies in the house for dozens of days to demand insurance money.

A criminal strangled his old mother living in his house with a towel and shamelessly admitted his crime. 

It has become a commonplace to see people having quarrels over money between parents and their children and between brothers and sisters and finally killing each other.

Elder and child abuses are also rampant. 

Recently, a former staff member of an old people’s home in Nagano was arrested for killing an old person with drug solution. A criminal case occurred at a welfare facility for the aged in Tokyo in which an employee knocked an old person to death. During the investigation the criminal said that he killed him because he was angry as he pinched his upper thigh.

Shortly ago, a man in his twenties living in Osaka committed an outrage on the little son of a woman with whom he had friendly relations to break his left arm.

According to investigation data published by the Japanese Ministry of Welfare and Labour, the number of cases of elder abuse perpetrated by family members and relatives increased by 2.1 percent over the year before to reach 17 281 in 2020, which was reportedly a record high since 2007 when the investigation started.

And the cases of child abuse amounted to over 205 000 in 2020, renewing the all-time high for 30 consecutive years.

Only the law of the jungle that “I can survive only when I kill you” works in Japanese society which is bereft of elementary ethics and morality. 

“To me, money was more precious than my parents. There was nothing to be afraid of and regret for money. So I killed my parents with my hands,” a murderer said without hesitation. 

Japanese society, where social ethics are decided by money and extreme misanthropy and all descriptions of immorality and depravity are rife, is a hell on earth and human rights desert.


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