Promotion of public welfare WPK’s most important affair

December 2, 2022

It is the most important affair of the Workers’ Party of Korea to promote the people’s wellbeing.

For the WPK, the people are the very essence of the country and roots of life and the starting point and principles of all its lines, policies and activities are consistent with the spirit of serving the people. 

The housing construction for providing people with places for happy living can be cited as an example. 

In recent years alone the WPK paid deep attention to the construction of dwelling houses for the people in spite of extreme difficulties and put great emphasis on it at the Eighth Party Congress and the Second Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Party Central Committee.   

As a result, 10 000 modern apartments were built in the Songhwa area and 800 flats in the Pothong Riverside Terraced Houses District in Pyongyang and provided to ordinary working people gratis in April this year.

And similar projects for providing people with modern houses go full steam ahead including the construction of 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area of Pyongyang, the housing development project in the Komdok area to be built as a mountain gorge city and the building of modern farmhouses across the country in line with the era of rural development. 

Though the country faced severe difficulties and trials, the WPK did not suspend the programme for improving the people’s wellbeing even a moment.  

With immense love for the rising generation based on the viewpoint that it should be the mode of advance and development of the Korean revolution that the more it is difficult, the more sincerity we should put into the care of children and on the strength of that love we should advance forward determinedly towards the communist future, the Third Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Party Central Committee put the supply of dairy products to all children across the country at the state’s expense high on its agenda and the WPK spares nothing for happy growth of children.   

The WPK has taken a series of measures for improving the people’s standard of living. Accordingly, the world’s largest greenhouse farm was built in the Ryonpho area in October this year to provide the people of South Hamgyong Province with fresh vegetables in all seasons, following the construction of the Jungphyong Greenhouse Farm in North Hamgyong Province. 

The WPK also gives top priority to relieving the people of their pain and grief and defending their lives and safety. 

In May when an unexpected health crisis caused the greatest ever turmoil since the founding of the country, important meetings including that of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee were convened one after another and General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the pharmacies in the capital city without hesitation in which a touch of malignant disease still lingered on and prepared officinal medicines in his family to send them to needy families.  

Therefore, the DPRK won a great victory in its anti-epidemic campaign unprecedented in the world history of public health in a matter of over 90 days.

The Korean people vigorously advance with confidence in their future thanks to the people-first politics of the WPK that gives top and absolute priority to the people’s demands and interests and serves them devotedly. 


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