Political philosophy of Korea, secret behind long, uninterrupted victorious advance

March 28, 2023

The DPRK confidently advances along the road it chose even in the face of rapidly changing international situation and the world-sweeping malignant virus crisis.

Then how has the country with not so large territory and population been able to steadily maintain, consolidate and develop its line and system despite the hostile forces’ hysteric attempts to isolate and stifle it from one decade to the next and from one century to the next and the COVID-19 crisis?

To understand the underlying fundamentals of the fact, let’s consider the political ideology and philosophy of the DPRK.

What kind of politics the Workers’ Party of Korea which has a nearly 80-year history as the ruling party, the world’s longest, and the DPRK government advocate and what kind of political philosophy they follow?

Where politics is the function to guide society, political philosophy is the fundamental factor determining the character of society and its prospects for development.

It is the political philosophy of the WPK and the DPRK government that politics should be the one at the service of the people out and out, the one devotedly serving the masses of the people. As this philosophy is thoroughly embodied in the whole affair of the Party and the state, making selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people has been established as Party and national traits in the DPRK.

In socialist Korea, as they have thoroughly embodied their political ideology and philosophy, the Party and the state have been able to make a long drive following up the victory since their establishment, while surmounting all difficulties and ordeals with their root always taken deep among the masses of the people and on the strength of the people’s absolute support and trust.

The Korean political philosophy is the invariable guideline which enables it not to hesitate to pay any price and take any pains if it is for the defence of the people’s dignity and destiny.

It is the consistent stand of the WPK and the government that the people constitute the foundation of a political party and the pillars supporting a state, that only when they are safe and sound, can the party and the state maintain their existence and develop and that a revolutionary party and state should prioritize and absolutize the matter of taking full responsibility for and care of the people’s destiny, lives and future in whatever case.

The DPRK has firmly safeguarded the destiny of its people from not only the hostile forces’ military threats but also the anti-epidemic crisis and natural disasters. The Korean Party and state protected the dignity of the country and the people on the invincible military might, spared no expenses to relieve the victims of unexpected natural disasters of their suffering and reliably saved the people’s lives and safety from the sudden health crisis.

Such miraculous facts epitomize the people-first political ideology and philosophy of the Party and the state.

The political philosophy of the WPK and the DPRK is the banner that enables the people to realize all their dreams and ideals.

The Party and the government take it as the absolute criterion in all affairs and activities to satisfy the people’s demands and serve their interests. They have always established all lines and policies in accordance with the demands and will of the people and paid primary attention to solving their urgent problems.

It is their steadfast will to take better care of the people when they suffer hardship and to speed up the building of socialism and communism on the strength of the love.

Despite the current ordeals, the construction of modern dwelling houses is being pushed in the capital city of Pyongyang, the Komdok area and all rural villages across the country and dynamic efforts are being made to regularly supply all the children throughout the country with dairy products and other nutritious foods.

As the Party and the state take the principled stand not to consider any conditions and possibilities and make the slightest concession and compromise in meeting and serving the people’s demands and interests, they organize and carry out every undertaking from the standpoint of protecting the people’s rights and interests and wage the struggle for promoting their well-being more positively, in a three-dimensional way and on a large scale.

Today, the DPRK is able to administer politics for the people while consistently adhering to its political philosophy as it is led by General Secretary Kim Jong Un who has burning love for them.

It is his noble outlook on the people that we should hold the people in high esteem as much as we do President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il by engraving the people on our mind as the images of the great leaders.

As they are led by the benevolent father who loves the people the most, the Korean Party and state will win victory after victory along with the people.


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