People-first principle--political idea of WPK

May 13, 2023

The Workers’ Party of Korea has written its ruling history of nearly 80 years with victory and glory.

The WPK has been able to be strengthened and developed into an invincible revolutionary party commanding the absolute support and trust of people, which is attributable to its political idea.

The people-first principle is the political idea of the WPK that absolutely safeguards the dignity and interests of the masses of the people, solves all problems by relying on their inexhaustible strength and serves the people devotedly.

The WPK has firmly and consistently adhered to the people-first principle regarding it as the fundamental issue and basic political mode decisive of the destiny of the Party and the revolution.

The WPK, which was founded by Kim Il Sung in October 1945, has taken roots deep in the soil of people since the early days of Party founding and built a genuine people’s country by pursuing policies for the working people.

In that course, it brought about miraculous successes and victories by skilfully leading the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution, the Fatherland Liberation War for repulsing the imperialist armed invasion and the socialist revolution and construction.

No matter how severe the situation is and however manifold the difficulties are, the thorough embodiment of the people-first politics makes it possible to fulfil any huge tasks in socialist construction while overcoming all subjective and objective factors. This is the precious philosophical principle the WPK has confirmed while leading the arduous Korean revolution.

Even though time passes and conditions and environment of the revolutionary struggle change a lot, the political mode of the WPK remains unchanged as it regards the masses of the people as masters of the revolution, makes selfless, devoted efforts for them and advances the revolution and construction by relying on their inexhaustible strength.

Having carried on and upheld the noble idea and will of “The people are God” and the devoted efforts for the people of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who believed in the people as in heaven and devoted themselves to them in their lifetimes, the WPK formulated the essence of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, the guiding ideology of the Korean revolution, as the people-first principle and has purposefully pushed the work for making it run through the activities of the Party and the state.

Under the leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Un, the WPK has constantly conducted activities based on the noble idea of regarding the people as heaven, oriented its activities to devoted service for them and solved all the problems by relying on their inexhaustible strength.

The advantages and vitality of its people-first politics are fully demonstrated in the ongoing anti-epidemic campaign and economic construction.

The WPK took preemptive anti-epidemic measures to prevent the inflow of the world-sweeping malignant epidemic, and when the worst situation which can be claimed to be the greatest turmoil in the country’s history was created due to the inroads of the pandemic, it firmly protected the lives and health of the people and continued to push the house construction and other projects for them to fulfil its cherished desire.

That is why the Korean people entrust their destiny and future to the WPK and faithfully follow it, calling it motherly Party without reserve.


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