For protecting and promoting reproductive health of people

May 28, 2023

The mission of the Family Health Association of Korea is to protect and promote the reproductive health of people with the support from the DPRK government and the East & South East Asia and Oceania Region of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. 

The association provides people with information, education and services related to reproductive health and conducts service activities for mountainous and rural areas.

In particular, it pays close attention to mountain villages far away from railway lines and conducts service activities more positively for them.

Recently, it relocated its service units in cities to rural and mountainous areas to contribute to satisfying the demands on reproductive health of local residents. 

Now it provides more comprehensive and integrated reproductive health services for protecting and promoting the people’s health.

It focuses on carrying out the plan for overcoming the influence of the malignant virus and protecting and promoting the people’s health in the face of the world health crisis.

In May last year when the anti-epidemic situation was at the worst,  members of the association provided family health clinic and outreach services and conducted reproductive health service activities for local residents without interruption in cooperation with hundreds of ri hospitals and clinics.

As a result, they offered over 82 000 medical services to more than 5 000 persons when the top-level emergency anti-epidemic system was in force, while making closer contact with the residents in the target areas.

The fact that damage by disastrous abnormal climate grows worse day by day demands that a sure guarantee be provided for basic reproductive health service.

So the association draws up detailed work plans based on an analysis of demands for reproductive health services in emergency and recommendations of international organizations.

It also conducts information activities through the mass media.

As public interest in the data on common knowledge of reproductive health posted on the homepage for health rises steadily, it heightens the people’s awareness of reproductive health through experience sharing.

It also pays due attention to reinforcing its young volunteers in every region with competent youths. 

Hwang Ju Song, department director of the Family Health Association of Korea

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