Cuba concentrates on economic growth, improvement of people’s living standards

August 19, 2023

Cuba has directed efforts to developing the country’s economy and improving the people’s standard of living.

An executive committee meeting of the Council of Ministers took place on July 31 through videoconferencing at the Revolutionary Palace under the guidance of President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who is also first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba. The meeting discussed a series of issues related to the economic and social life in the country, including food production, distribution of supplies to the population, freight and passenger transport and electric power production.

The meeting stressed the importance of implementing the issues discussed and decided by the National Assembly of People’s Power, including the struggle against crimes, social disorder and irregularities and corruption that hinder the process of socialist construction.

Earlier at the First Regular Meeting of the Tenth National Assembly of People’s Power held on July 21, the Cuban president reviewed the implementation of the law on self-sufficiency in food and stressed the need to strengthen the local production system by involving all economic elements.

On August 2, the Central Bank of Cuba issued a new measure on the settlement of bank accounts.

In this regard, the vice-president of the Central Bank at a press conference said that the measure to be announced this time was mainly aimed at encouraging e-payment and it would gradually be introduced from August 3 on the principle of maintaining an equal balance between all economic elements. The current measure would not keep anyone outside social protection including those who are not in a position to use the e-settlement system.

The presidents of the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba visited several provinces recently to learn about their socio-economic plans and successes in production of relevant units.

Cuba is now trying to restore the power generation capacity of thermal power stations and small power plants to their previous level for the purpose of minimizing damage the residents are suffering due to blackouts.

Citizens are making positive contributions to urban agriculture.

Late in July, the Cuban president met an elderly couple well-known for their good job in urban farming and praised them for their positive successes in cultivating various crops in a small space of the city. Former journalist and university professor, the couple grew crops on the roof covering about 16 square metres after becoming OAPs and sent their produce to hospitals, maternity hospitals and orphanages. They also taught their neighbours an environment-friendly production method and helped them employ it, thus contributing to the introduction of urban agricultural production in over 20 houses nearby.

The Cuban government and people are making resilient efforts to develop the country’s economy and improve the people’s living standards by their own efforts, though they suffer extreme hardships and difficulties due to the tightening anti-Cuban blockade and illegal “sanctions” by the US.


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