‘It is important to generalize excellent methods and experience of treatment’

December 2, 2022

It is very effective in improving the quality of comprehensive medical service to widely generalize the knowledge and experience of medical workers with outstanding medical art and ability.

In general, treating methods and experiences of doctors with special skills and renowned doctors are very original and are highly effective in treatment of patients as they have been verified through practice.

That medical workers have outstanding medical art and ability means that they are well versed in their special fields theoretically, conversant with the structure, principle of operation and standard regulations of operation of diagnosis and treatment facilities and possessed of high ability of interpretation and skillful operation methods.

Health care practice today demands more doctors with special ability and renowned doctors who are conversant with their own fields and who can represent their academic circles.

It is important to do well the work of transferring and sharing the advanced methods and techniques of diagnosis and treatment in generalizing knowledge and experiences of medical workers with excellent medical art and ability.

In our country embodying collectivism, it is a social climate that advanced people and units help and lead the backward ones so that they can develop and make successes together.

The problem is how to organize the work to spread advanced technologies and experiences more widely and more effectively.

This year, the Ministry of Public Health has intensified the work to introduce the advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment used in central hospitals into curative and preventive institutions at lower levels.

It drew up and sent technical lecture plans to provincial curative and preventive institutions and gave medical workers in local areas online lectures through the telemedicine system. And medical workers of central hospitals went to such institutions and conducted activities to give technical guidance to them on the spot.

In that course, the spirit of collectivism was fully displayed.

Medical workers with excellent medical art and ability are directing selfless efforts to generalizing the treatment experiences and successes they have achieved with strenuous efforts for a long time and the relevant learners are making great efforts to digest them.

Accordingly, the ministry sees to it that units and medical workers have close contact with one another and strengthen organic connection and puts effort into forming research forces and providing equipment, agents and so on for research on a priority basis.

Han Sok Chol, deputy department director of the Ministry of Public Health

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