Association broadens scope of activity

March 24, 2023

Bowling is a good sport which has its own unique rhythm and delicacy.

As every player of bowling has experienced, it is beyond expression to feel a thrill of excitement as the heavy ball rolls down the slippery track in a beautiful curve and knocks down all ten pins.

An increasing number of people join our association to get that feeling.

Organized on July 24 1994, the Korean Bowling Association entered the Asian Bowling Confederation and the International Bowling Federation on August 2 2005.

Everyone who likes to play bowling can join it.

The association took part in international bowling competitions and achieved good results in them in the past.

It works to broaden its scope of activities for the purpose of improving the bowling techniques of people and making the sport mass-based on a high level by enhancing its members’ awareness of bowling and provides them with common knowledge of the playing methods.

The association passes on bowling techniques to new members and gives preferential treatment of reducing fees for bowling to its members.

Some of the members come to play the sport at the Pyongyang Gold Lane every day and the overwhelming majority visit it more than three times a week without fail.

They sometimes teach common knowledge of bowling and its technical movements to those with poor knowledge of the sport.

The association holds two rounds of games a month, enhancing enthusiasm for attending them and producing good results.

All association members share experience and techniques actively to attain their own standard goals.

Every one of them wants to bring honour to the country by winning international events.

The association will work harder to help them fulfil their dreams and more working people enjoy bowling.

Sin Ju Hyon, president of the Korean Bowling Association

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