Independence is justice

November 3, 2023

The world political situation remains tense and complicated due to manoeuvres of the dominationists whose mode of existence is aggression and plunder against other countries and nations.

The direction of historical development will never change although the international order has been disturbed and unexpected situations have been created by the high-handed and arbitrary practices of the dominationists. The world goes along the track of independence whether anyone likes it or not.

Because it is the law governing historical development that independence is justice and right will prevail in the end.

Human history shows that injustice cannot prevail over justice and outdated and corrupt things cannot defeat the new.

Although the dominationists have clung to high-handedness and arbitrariness while violating the sovereignty of other nations by relying on their superior power, such practices have proved to be sheer follies accelerating their self-ruin.

Last century is a good example. To say nothing of the downfall of fascist Germany and Japan, the US suffered a miserable defeat in the war of aggression against the DPRK though it even mobilized huge troops of its vassal states.

This clearly shows that aggression and domination cannot be justified but are doomed to failure and that justice will surely emerge victorious thanks to the struggle of the masses of the people aspiring after independence.

Still now, the dominationists and their followers are trying to realize their wild ambition for world hegemony by dint of strength, finding their way of existence in aggression and domination over other countries.

However, now that multipolarization has become the mainstream in all domains of politics, the economy and military, anti-dominationist nations are enhancing their status in the international arena day by day and the dominationists and their followers are becoming the target of censure and rejection more than ever before.

All the countries that love justice are requested to hold fast to independence and shape their destiny in an independent way.

The world peace-loving people should never tolerate the imperialists’ moves toward aggression and war against sovereign states but fight actively to prevent the danger of war and defend global peace and security.

They will have to build up their own national strength in every way in order to defend their national sovereignty.

They should wage a positive struggle for achieving international justice, transcending differences in political view, religious belief and the level of economic and cultural development. The anti-imperialist forces aspiring after independence and justice should unite firmly in order to eliminate the old international order whereby injustice prevails and establish a fair and just new international order.

Nothing can check the course of historical development toward independence.


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