People's art festival in celebration of birth anniversary of Kim Jong Il closes

February 20, 2024

The People's Art Festival, which opened in Pyongyang on the occasion of the 82nd anniversary of the birth of Chairman Kim Jong Il, closed with due ceremony at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre on February 18. 

The festival performances were given with splendour at the People's Palace of Culture, the Pyongyang Grand Theatre and other theatres and cultural halls in the capital city, backed up by the ardent loyalty and patriotism of all the people across the country who were determined to significantly celebrate the greatest auspicious holiday of the nation, adding joy to the February holiday.

Present at the closing ceremony were Department Director Ju Chang Il and Deputy Department Director Jon Kyong Chol of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, officials concerned and participants in the festival.

The judgment results of the festival were announced and prizes awarded to excellent units and performers.

A letter of loyalty to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was adopted at the ceremony with enthusiastic applause of the participants.

Sung Jong Gyu, minister of Culture and chairman of the festival organizing committee, made a closing address.

Then there was a closing performance.


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