Taekwon-Do training support system favoured by experts

May 28, 2023

The Taekwon-Do teaching and training support system developed by the Taekwon-Do Science Institute of the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee is winning popularity among experts. 

“During our playing career, our training targets were set based on our perseverance, willpower and fortitude. But all training at present is given scientifically with the help of the teaching and training support system,” said Kim Chol Won, head coach of the Pyongyang Municipal Taekwon-Do Team.

The system creates the database of information about past competitions, especially that about matches of aces, physical preparedness of players and others and sets the standard values which should be reached by players according to their ages.  

Based on the standard values called model values, coaches decide on the means and methods of training for players. 

According to Kang Myong Chol, coach of the Pyongyang Municipal Taekwon-Do Team, every player has to reach the standard by overcoming their physical limits. Using this program, coaches grasp players’ strong and weak points and create different conditions and environments for them, he said, adding that the introduction of it has proved very positive as players acquire remarkable abilities to fully display their skills.

The database of the program containing information about international and domestic Taekwon-Do contests held over the past decade helps coaches analyse a variety of playing tactics and the techniques and methods of their application and develop and introduce new techniques and methods. 

Researchers continue to upgrade the system on the basis of the opinions of users.  


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