Cooking festival held in celebration of the Day of the Sun

April 15, 2023

The 26th cooking festival in celebration of the Day of the Sun took place at the Pyongyang Noodle House between April 11 and 13.

A variety of dishes and sci-tech achievements made by service workers in Pyongyang were presented to the festival.

Three-coloured steamed rice cake, steamed mushroom and lobster, white cold catfish jelly and staple food and meals drew the attention of visitors as they preserve well their own flavours and formative artistic qualities. Pies and breads with original tastes and shapes were also presented.

Visual aids and videos showing cooking sci-tech achievements presented by the Okryu and Chongnyu restaurants and Pyongyang Noodle House demonstrated well the Korean culinary skills and food culture to the visitors.

A technical contest of cooks and waiters and waitresses showing their original and distinguishing food-processing methods and skilful reception services and a cooking contest of housewives added more to the festive atmosphere.

Deliberation results were announced and diplomas, medals and certificates were awarded to excellent units and participants in the closing ceremony on April 13.

Meanwhile, similar festivals were held amid the interest of working people in famous restaurants in all provinces, including the Okkye Restaurant in Haeju and Sinhung Restaurant in Hamhung.


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