Children’s camps renovated

May 26, 2023

Children’s camps in all parts of country have been given a facelift.

The Songdowon International Children’s Camp was reconstructed as the one and only children’s palace in the world and a comprehensive extra-curricular educational base for schoolchildren on a scenic spot on the east coast of the country.

The Mangyongdae Children’s Camp was wonderfully renovated as a splendid palace for children at the foot of Mt Ryongak, with the December 6 Children’s Camp of Kangwon Province springing up at the picturesque seaside of Munchon City. 

The Yonphungho Children’s Camp was transformed into a comprehensive afterschool educational base for schoolchildren and inaugurated on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union. 

The Jangjasan Children’s Camp in Jagang Province was completely refurbished and a children’s camp built in Phihyon County of North Phyongan Province.


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